Distinguished foreign guests!

The Organizer Oldtimer Show Kft.-for the 2019 Oldtimer Show participation announces the following information:

– The foreigners, with their veteran vehicles, can participate in the Oldtimer Show in Budapest, when they have indicated their desire to participate by email for the organization leader (Mr. Kiss Tamás). About the vehicles, which you want to register, you must send photos by email. The vehicle must be in exhibition quality. This means that high quality restoration, or original condition of the vehicle, but completely authentic. In the event only the vehicles according of historic criteria can participate. We would like to inform you, that for the Oldtimer Show, we wait participants mainly, with vehicles primarily pre-1945′ vehicles or older.

– You can log on to the following vehicle categories: old-timer cars, old-timer motorcycle, old-timer military vehicle, old-timer tractor, a stable engine, old-timer bus, old-timer truck, U.S. car, Comecon cars.

– If the vehicle is suitable for the Oldtimer Show demonstration, the Organizer will send a copy of a one paged technical data sheet. This copy must be filled out with the correct data of your vehicle and send back for the organizer via e-mail. Apart of the technical description, should be written a short story about the vehicle, or to give a type history demonstration

– The participants vehicles of the Show will receive a bronze memory plaque. In addition, the vehicles will participate in the pageant as well, which can be rewarded with nice prizes.

– The participants should arrive to location point of the event on 04 April (Thursday) 2019 at the afternoon: between 14:00- 18:00pm. To approach the event location you will find information on our website: www.oldtimershow.hu (google map) with the exact address: 1142 Budapest, Tatai road 95. GPS coordinates: É 47°32’29,60″ K 19°05’42,80″

– The foreign participants will be attended with the help of our interpreter colleagues. First the oldtimer vehicles will be placed at the exhibition halls. The Organizer will take over the vehicles, set up security cordons around the vehicles. From this time on the organizer takes care of the vehicles until the end of exhibition (Sunday 18:00 pm). The visitors can not touch the exhibited vehicles!  (Even the owners of the vehicles can’t touch their own car until the end of the exhibition). After the vehicle is placed, our staff will accompany you to the Hotel.

– The transporting vehicles (trailers) will be placed within the territory of the event, at a guarded area- service rod (behind the Orient Exhibition Center). The cars, with which you have arrived, are recommended to be placed in the P2 parking lot of the event. The Hotel (Prémium Apartmanház) is close by, the easiest way to walk to the exhibition.

– Afterward our interpreter colleagues will accompany our foreign guests to their accommodation: to the Premium apartment house (4star Hotel). The apartments include a bedroom and a small living room with a sofa. Means the apartment suitable for 2 or 3 persons, (2 adults+ 1 child). The Premium Apartment House positioned from the Railway Museum Park only 900 meters, easily reached by foot from the exhibition.

– For the foreign participants at the Oldtimer Show, participation fee will be free, or will be charged a really discounted fee. Anyone who carries a pre-war vehicle (before 1945), the cost of the Hotel is paid by the organizer.  In the case of owner of younger vehicles, the participants have to pay only 50EUR/person for accommodation for 3 days. We reserve the accommodation for Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.  With the accommodation comes an abundant breakfast!

– The owner and one accompanist will receive an armband, with it ensures the bearing, attend free of charge the exhibition (Hungarian Railway Park), and parking in the customer parking lot with their cars: (P2) during the entire weekend.

– Organizer’s proposal for foreign guests: sightseeing in Budapest. Between the Railway. It is recommended that on one of the exhibition day you visit the city center and have a look some interesting sites: the Citadel, the Cathedral, Parliament, the Heroes ‘ square, Museum of Fine Arts, etc. Recommended Taxi Company: City Taxi +36/20/921-1111

- In the layout map of the exhibition marked well all entrances, parking lots, exhibition halls, etc. .. Please do print out, not to get lost at the 10 hectares area of the event. About the Oldtimer Show, you find information at the following Web interfaces: www.oldtimershow.hu, www.facebook.com /Oldtimer Show

Please share the Oldtimer Show on facebook and invite to the event your acquaintances, club partners. 

If you have had a great time at the Budapest Oldtimer Show, and enjoyed yourselves, then please tell your classic vehicle owner friends about it at your country. Might like to participate next year the-Oldtimer Show 2020, we would welcome them as well, with their nice veteran vehicles.

Have fun at the Budapest Oldtimer Show!
Kiss Tamás leader of the Organizer.