Dear foreign guests,

The organizer Oldtimer Show Kft. will issue the following information about participation in the 2023 Budapest Oldtimer Show to exhibitors applying in with an oldtimer vehicle:

–         XVIII. Budapest Oldtimer Show dates are: April 14-16th, of 2023 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

–         Arrival at the event: on Thursday, April 13th, 2023, in the afternoon: from 14:00 to 18:00. Information on how to approach the event venue can be found on our website: www.oldtimershow.hu (google map) The exact address: 1142 Budapest, Tatai út 95. GPS coordinates: N 47°32’29.60″ E 19°05’42.80 E”

–         Foreigners can participate in the event with their vintage vehicles by indicating their intention to participate by e-mail to the main organizer Tamás Kiss: kiss.tamas@oldtimershow.hu Application deadline: March 2023. 10.

Photos of the participating oldtimer vehicle must be sent by e-mail. You can apply not only with car, but also with motorcycle and tractor. The participating vehicle  must be of exhibition quality! This means that it has be restored in high quality or preserved in a completely original state. Only vehicles meeting the museum qualification criteria are allowed to participate in the exhibition! We are primarily looking for applications for vehicles from before 1945′.

–         The vehicles on display at the Oldtimer Show will all receive bronze commemorative plaques. The vehicles on display will be awarded in categories by era and type of vehicle as well. There will be a total of 32 prizes awarded by an international jury. Previous years’ Oldtimer Show winners can be viewed here: https://www.oldtimershow.hu/az-oldtimer-show-dijazottai-2018-2022/

–         If the vehicle you want to enter is suitable for presentation at the Oldtimer Show, the organizer will send you a confirmation that the application has been accepted.

–         Participation fee: car before 1945′ 40EUR/person (bedroom with 2 beds 80EUR, bedroom with 1 bed 60EUR), 1945-1975′ 80EUR/person (bedroom with 2 beds 160EUR, bedroom with 1 bed 100EUR) The participation fee includes 3-night hotel accommodation with an abundant breakfast. The participation fee also includes: Oldtimer Show entrance wristband +free parking, Széchenyi spa entrance ticket. (In Budapest, the cost of accommodation is very high, but the organizer solves the financing part of the additional cost with the help of supporters) The participation fee must be transferred to an EUR account until March 10: K&H Bank Kiss Tamás IBAN: HU70 10409015-86767550-72651007

–         We will send our registered exhibitors a 1page (A4) technical data sheet template. Using this, a data sheet for your own vehicle must be prepared using the substitution method. The data must be filled in in Hungarian. Help with translation: https://translate.google.com/ (minor errors will be corrected) Correct steps when creating a datasheet: attached word doc. template needs to bedownloaded to your own computer, after you can start editing. You can’t edit with a smartphone, only with a computer! Word doc. technical data sheet template layout and font sizes should not be changed! You should not change the word doc. extension! You should not convert it to PDF! After the technical data, a story or type history description of the vehicle should be written at the end. It must also be translated into Hungarian using the language translator. This is very important to us! Please pay close attention to this. The data sheet must not extend beyond one page. The completed technical data sheet must be returned to the organisers by e-mail. The organizer will check the datasheet and correct language errors.

–         The Oldtimer Show is an exhibition-style event with many additional programs. Owners of the exhibited vehicles have no responsibilities at the event. The organizer places the exhibited vehicles in the exhibition hall under protected conditions. Cars and motorbikes are placed in thematic sections. In island-type sections, from 1 to 6 vehicles are placed, separated from the audience by a cordon rope. Some highlighted vehicles are placed independently. No one is allowed to enter inside the cordon!  Even the vehicle owners are not allowed to go to their own vehicles. The security guard will not allow anyone to enter inside the cordon. We ask for your understanding!  The organizer will take care of all the vehicles on display until the end of the event. The vehicles will be looked after by security guards and hostess ladies dressed in period clothing.

–         Upon arrival at the venue (Thursday afternoon), an English-speaking organizer will greet foreign guests: Tamás Mihálszky +36/30/950-1743 Step 1: unloading the oldtimer vehicle from the trailer Step 2: the oldtimer vehicle must be placed in the exhibition hall! -The main organizer, Tamás Kiss, shows the exhibition space of the vehicles. The organizers will help push the cars to their exhibition position. Motorcycles should be pushed to the exhibition space by their owners. From there, the organizer will take care of the vehicles on display until the end of the event (Sunday 18:00). Visitors cannot access vehicles!

–         Step 3: parking the  trailer, after which you have to leave for the accommodation immediately. You can go to the hotel by taxi or by your own car: Premium Apartman House *** www.premiumapartman.hu Address: 1139 Budapest, Országbíró utca 44-46. Reception: 06/1/877-7600 Manager: Andrea +36/30/2222-648. We recommend reach the Premium Apartment House by taxi. You can leave your personal cars in the P2 parking lot of the event area, which is a guarded parking lot. The accommodation is only 900meters  from the Railway History Park! At the accommodation area, you can park only on the street – on Fridays parking is paid until 20:00. After that, it is possible to park free of charge on the street. The area is safe, there are also surveillance cameras.

–         Recommended Taxi Company: City Taxi +36/20/921-1111, +36/1/211-1113

–         Towing vehicles and trailers can be placed within the event area at SERVICE ROAD (behind the West exhibition hall). If the towing vehicle is parked here, it will not be possible to leave this place until 18:00 on Sunday, when the packing away begins.

–         Oldtimer Show is an exhibition-style event. There are no organized programs for exhibitors, only suggested programs, as follows: On April 14th (Friday) you will be invited to relax in wellness by the organizer: Széchenyi spa (the entrance ticket to the spa will be received upon arrival on Thursday)

–         April 15th (Saturday): free program. Recommended for viewing Budapest architectural and cultural attractions: Basilica, Citadel, Parliament, Heroes’ Square, walk in the City Park and see the House of Hungarian Music, etc…

–         April 16 (Sunday): on this day, check out the Budapest Oldtimer Show. On Sunday, you can already find out who are the winners with their vehicle on display. Prizes will be placed in front of vehicles. Please leave the prizes until the end of the exhibition where the jury has placed them. Try the additional programs: steam locomotive exhibition, railway car exhibition, model railway exhibition, country house museum, petting zoo, Gastro Street (sausage, cheese, spices, jams, pálinka, wine, beer), craft fair, outdoor oldtimer car exhibition, caravan exhibition.

–         If someone does not want to leave on Sunday evening, he can book himself a room for Sunday evening in the Premium Apartment House at his own expense. Sunday hotel reservations must be indicated at the reception. This is a freely chosen option; everyone can decide whether to go home on Sunday evening, or only on Monday. The exhibited vehicles will be guarded in the exhibition hall until 18:00 on Monday.

–         Entrance wristbands to the Budapest Oldtimer Show will be given by the organizer to each exhibitor and their attendant. The wristband gives free access to the event area for the entire weekend and the opportunity to park their cars in the customer parking lot (P2)

–         The equipment map of the event clearly shows the entrances, parking lots, the exhibition hall, etc… At the entrances, equipment maps will be laid out. We encourage you to try the interactive programs of the Railway History Park: steam locomotive travel, horse railway, rail car, driveway, locomotive turner, garden railway.

–         Information about the Hungarian Oldtimer Show can be found on the following internet platforms: www.oldtimershow.hu , www.facebook.com /Oldtimer Show Budapest

Please share the poster of the 18th Budapest Oldtimer Show on your Facebook page and invite your friends and clubmates to the event. J

I wish you a pleasant relaxing time! Tamás Kiss main organizer

(During the event, Tamás Kiss performs the organizing role. Therefore, unfortunately, he will not be able to attend programs with exhibitors in person. The other organizers will help you choose from the free programs. If you have any questions or would like any information, please contact the following helpers: Tamás Mihálszky +36/30/950-1743, Rudolf Adamkó +36/30/942-4524